Laser Skin Rejuvenation

For non-ablative skin rejuvenation, LightPod lasers are the only aesthetic lasers in the industry that provides the full spectrum of treatments in a single system. Now you can restore the face to a youthful, healthy appearance by removing wrinkles, unwanted hair, rosacea, acne, pigmented and vascular lesions – with very high efficacy yet in a gentle, sanitary treatment of any skin type.

Our laser can be used effectively and safely on absolutely any skin type, even tanned or darker skin tones, as well as pain-sensitive pediatric patients for conditions such as active acne. It provides a uniquely gentle and pleasant experience for the patient due to the innovative 650-microsecond pulse technology and the lack of skin contact by the laser hand piece during treatment.

Complete skin rejuvenation can begin in a single session. There is no down time and it is virtually painless.

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